Panther Camp 2018

A typical week of camp


Week Seven
No field trip this week
PARENTS, PLEASE send only a limited amount of money with your kids for use in our vending machines. There is no place other than their backpacks to keep this money safe. A few dollars is all they should need to bring. Also be mindful of other important items like spinners, toys, etc. There is no place to lock these things up, and money and other items are the responisibility of the camper who brings them.

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Panther Camp News

Weekly Reminders!
  • A View of Our Fourth Week 

2018 3-5 Year Old Newsletter Download

Monday, July 23th

  • The seventh week of camp for the summer of 2018.
  • We will be able to skate for this today! Bring skates and a helmet to participate.
  • Plenty of other activities will be offered.
  • Swimming and plenty of other activities are always available.

Tuesday, July 24th

  • Tuesday is full of terrific fun.
  • Make sure to bring your suit and towel for a dip in the pool.
  • Tennis is always available in the afternoon.
  • Practice your Nok Hockey and Connect Four skills for our weekly tournaments.
  • Swimming for 3-5 year olds today!

Wednesday, July 25th

  • COOK OUT DAY! Bring your own hot dog or hamburger with a bun and the Master Griller Mr. Steffens will grill it up for you.
  • Swim, swim, swim, bring your suit, towel, and goggles and jump on in!
  • Plenty of water free activities await.
  • Perhaps a nok hockey or connect four tournament will be waged.

Thursday, July 26th

  • No field trip this week.
  • We will stay back and have a regular camp day.
  • Bring your suits and towels for swimming and water fun.
  • Next weeks trip is to Par King Skill Golf.

Par King Skill Golf

Friday, July 27th

  • We can skate today so bring your skates and a helmet for some time on the ice.
  • Seventh Friday at camp brings the sixth water fight of the summer. (Ages 6-12)
  • Bring your own squirt gun or water soaking toy for an afternoon battle.
  • A great way to end the seventh week of camp for 2018.